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Pokemon GO Nearby Tracker Update. What Changed?

Where did those steps go?

The nearby tracker has gone through, what some would call, a major overhaul, and not for the better.

Initially, players had little footprints indicate the proximity of the nearest Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The number of footprints ranged from three (furthest) to none (nearest).

However, due to alleged strain that this system brought to Pokemon GO servers, Niantic decided to drop the feature altogether. Now, the game just lists nearer Pokemon, all in a 70 meter radius from the player’s location.

Pokemon also aren’t displayed in a specific order after the update, so there is no way of knowing which one is closest. To make it worse, you can’t pick a single Pokemon to be shown like before, if for example you need that specific Pokemon to fill your Pokedex.

Hopefully, as time goes by and there is less server strain, Niantic Labs will be adding features instead of removing them. In the meantime, we’ll have to make the best of Pokemon GO’s current state.

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