Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere ‘Redefines Grief’

There is no doubt that whichever character meets his/her end by Negan’s Lucille, it will have great effect on the rest of the characters, and the season as a whole. Some would even say game changing.

Executive producer on The Walking Dead stopped to chat with Yahoo TV, giving his thoughts on what shooting the first episode of upcoming Season 7 was like –

“Listen, shooting that first episode, the Season 7 premiere, was without a doubt the most emotionally grueling and draining nine days. There was nothing fun about it. It was rough, really rough. As far as the way that I looked at it, it was reducing these people at the end of [Season 6] to the absolute lowest point that you can ever imagine them. They’re all defeated, they’ve lost. We’ve never seen Rick Grimes scared in six years. There has never been fear on his face, but we end Season 6… Rick is so scared that he is helpless. These are two things that you never see in your hero. Imagine a hero that’s scared and helpless. Where do you go from there?”

“The season premiere really redefines grief. It redefines pain, and emotion, and if you think watching the finale that you are already at rock bottom with these people, you’ve got a lot further to go. This season’s intense. There’s not really a lot of let up. The show continues to get darker, and that’s something that we had always planned from day one, is that we want the show to be dark, and we want the show to be different. With the introduction of Negan, it gives us the perfect palate and the perfect opportunity to explore something that we’ve never explored before. The world is a much, much bigger place. You have a guy like Rick who ends Season 6 with, ‘Oh yeah, if they want to deal, you just tell them to come talk to me…’ For him to be in the position that he’s left in, on his knees… it’s rough.”


Sure is rough. Can’t think of anyone that would trade places with Rick there. For more on The Walking Dead check out this page!

Written by James Lebeau

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