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Game of Thrones 2016 Election Is On #GOT2016

Much of the media is busy covering the presidential election taking place in December. But what about the Westeros? Who should sit on the Iron Throne? Let your voice count in the GOT2016 campaign page.

HBO took the opportunity to let those who feel “left out” of the power struggle, and have them cast their vote in who should sit on the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones fans can now head over to the new and official 2016 campaign site, and choose between the candidates on hand. These candidates are Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister, who happens to currently reside at the throne.

A video campaign has also been launched, which you can find below –


The website offers a biography for each character. The biography gives a brief history on the character and their part in the world of Westeros (and Essos).

Daenerys Targaryen’s Platform

Freedom for the Known World

Rebuilding the Dragon Population

Uniting Essos and Westeros

Female Empowerment

Restoring her Divine Right to the Seven Kingdoms

Jon Snow’s Platform

Northern Sovereignty

Rebuilding the Night’s Watch

Allowing the Free Folk to Settle the Gift

Inheritance Rights of Illegitimate Children

Preparing for the Long Night

Cersei Lannister’s Platform

Bailing Out the Iron Bank

Pro Trial by Combat

Separation of Church and Crown

Family Advocacy

Revising Line of Succession to the Iron Throne

Petyr Baelish’s Platform

Small Business Growth

Reducing Debt to the Iron Bank

Diplomatic Ties to the North

Innovation in Transportation

In case you were wondering, Game of Thrones also garners a lot more social media attention, at least on Facebook, where the show is 19 million followers strong, compared to 1.3 million and 2 million followers for the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively.

So, who’s your pick for the Iron Throne? Head on to the official #GOT2016 page to make your voice heard!



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