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First Pokemon GO Lawsuit Filed For Inciting Trespassing

A New Jersey citizen has officially filed a Pokemon GO lawsuit aimed at Niantic Labs, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, for inciting trespassers onto his property.

Jeffrey Marder, The Pokemon GO lawsuit plaintiff, says that since the game’s launch he and others could not enjoy their private property. The reason is that there are PokeStops and Gyms around their residence, that were erected without permission.

The suit goes on to explain that –

“At least five individuals knocked on plaintiff’s door and asked for access to plaintiff’s backyard in order to ‘catch’ Pokémon that the game had placed in Plaintiff’s residence in West Orange, New Jersey – without plaintiff’s permission.”

The plaintiff is going to pursue class action status, suggesting the app developers are profiteering. He also claims that these thoughts are shared by other property owners in the vicinity. In their mind, the developers should not be able to profit from a product that encourages trespassing.

“To create that immersive world, Niantic made unauthorized use of Plaintiff’s and other Class members’ property by placing Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms thereupon or nearby. In so doing, Niantic has encouraged Pokémon Go’s millions of players to make unwanted incursions onto the properties of Plaintiff and other members of the class – a clear and ongoing invasion of their use and enjoyment of their land from which Defendants have profited and continue to profit.”



The three companies which the suit was filed against – Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, need to respond to the lawsuit within a month. Despite adding several warnings to the app regarding awareness to the players surroundings and avoiding trespassing, a court of law will now have to decide whether the blame rests on the developers/owners of the app, or on the the players who are trespassing.

In other news, some landmarks have already been removed or banned due to their sensitive nature.

– The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan have asked to be removed from Pokemon Go.

– The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has asked people not to play Pokemon Goon their phones during their visit.

– The former concentration camp of Auschwitz, where millions of people were murdered by the Nazis, has also banned the game

Do you think the plaintiff has a case? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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