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‘Pokemon And Drive’ Much Harder After Latest Update

Players of Pokemon GO have noticed a change in the way Pokemon are found in the game, which also makes ‘Pokemon and drive’ much harder.

When Pokemon GO was launched, the app’s scan refresh rate feature, in charge of finding new Pokemon, was at one scan per second. According to users on reddit, the scan refresh rate has been slowed down to once every ten seconds! That’s a 1000% spike.


Basically this means that if you run, bike, or drive, your chances of finding new Pokemon have just slimmed down by a lot. Couple this with our previously reported tracker update, and you have a game that makes it much harder to find Pokemon.

On the plus side, this should probably scale down the instances in which people crash their cars in their search of Pikachu, due to the fact that by the time a Pokemon appears while driving, it’s already gone.

If you primarily play Pokemon GO on your feet, you shouldn’t see much of a difference, and at least this change makes it safer to drive. Was the change made for safety reasons or server strain reasons? Probably a bit of both.

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