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Man Colors His Dog Like Pikachu And Not Everyone Is Amused

Color me not amused.

Twitter user Elihudi Justin Urassa posted a clip showing how he came across a pet-owner who had dyed their pet dog into the Pokémon character, Pikachu.

find the Pikachu dog video below –

People however, aren’t impressed.

Elihudi himself commented on the video saying: ‘Quite sad. I blame the game’, while the majority of the other 43,000 comments laid their aggression onto the owners.

The dog probably wasn’t spray-painted, but it is still incredibly weird.

PETA UK’s director, Elisa Allen, told Metro –

“No one should need to be told that dogs are smart, sensitive animals and not toys. It’s often unsafe to dye a dog’s hair or that of any other animal, as there can be risks of toxic poisoning or allergic reactions, which can prove fatal.

Fluorescent yellows and bright reds belong on virtual characters, not dogs. Games are games, and dogs are dogs. They should be left alone – unless you’re throwing them a ball and letting them have fun.”

Should probably moderate Pokemon GO playtime before I do something silly. Or not, because who does these things?? Instead, I’ll go catch another Zubat.

Do you think this is normal, or are you just as angered as the many commenters online? Share your though in the comments below.

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