First Pokemon GO Player To Catch’em All Was Sponsored

If you dreamed of being the first Pokemon GO player to catch’em all, some bad news because it’s not going to be you.

Nick Johnson, a 28 year old New Yorker, has been touring the world in search of Pokemon to fill his Pokedex. He updated his Snapchat regularly to keep followers informed on his progress. After catching all of the North American Pokemon, the lucky Johnson got a sponsorship from Expedia and Marriott Rewards.

He then set out to find more Pokemon in Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo. He managed to catch all Pokemon even before reaching Japan, the homeland of the Pokemon franchise. So now, he can just have a normal, relaxed leisurely trip to Tokyo, knowing that he’s already bagged every Pokemon available (until a host of new ones are introduced, including the much anticipated legendary Pokemon.

According to Johnson, he received help finding numerous hidden characters thanks to locals. “People tipped me off,” he told FastCompany, 20 minutes after finding his last one. For example, in Paris, he was tipped off about a mysterious “Mr. Mime” Pokémon while giving a media interview. He dashed quickly to find the gem, and ultimately nabbed it around midnight while combing the streets in an Uber.

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Adding on the experience of finding the last Pokemon to fill his Pokedex, Kangaskhan, found in New Zealand, Nick said that people tipped him off the the Pokemon would be “right in front of a Tommy Bahama”. And so it was, waiting for him right there.

Johnson also says he doesn’t plan to stop playing Pokemon Go just because he has caught everything, and he adds that he’s especially excited by the addition of legendary Pokemon at a later date. He will be continuing to update his Snapchat account with Pokemon related pictures; his username is nja212.

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