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Man Shot And Killed Playing Pokemon GO In San Francisco

A 20-year-old college student was shot and killed playing Pokemon GO Saturday night. The victim was in San Francisco’s Aquatic Park when the incident took place.

Calvin Riley, a college baseball player, was shot in his torso and killed playing Pokemon GO. First aid reached the scene to tend to his wounds, but unfortunately, Riley passed away. No suspect has been arrested yet, and no clear motive has been hinted.

A report from FOX News claims the shooter did not try to rob Riley, and there is no clear indication if Pokemon GO had anything to do with the assault.

Killed Playing Pokemon GO
Calvin Riley – Photo courtesy of Jim Johnson

On the Go Fund Me page seeking donations to help pay for Riley’s memorial, Gabriel Morales (who called himself Riley’s cousin and best friend) wrote Riley was killed by a “coward” who wanted to “shoot up a Poke stop.” The fund has raised $25,000 of a $30,000 goal as of Sunday evening.

Riley’s cousin, Thaddeus, was outraged and called the game “stupid,”. “I think they made this game for all the wrong intentions.” He wrote on his Facebook page.

He continued, “Look at it this game has made people savages,” and “now because of” the game, “my little cuzzo is gone!!!! … We all love you cal. I’m so glad we got to visit with you. But still was not enough.”

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