Pokemon GO Sightings Is The New Nearby Tracker

Pokemon GO’s nearby tracker, that has been getting a lot of flak since its latest update, gets another overhaul — Now the Pokemon GO Sightings window.

The new update brings new changes to the nearby tracker, now called Sightings after some of its features were trimmed out in the previous update. The most obvious, is the addition of blades of grass appearing behind the different Pokemon in the Nearby Pokemon screen. So far, it appears that the grass is cosmetic, but it could have some purpose, and we will update if anything changes.

The Sightings window refreshes on a regular basis, adding new nearby Pokemon and removing Pokemon that have de-spawned. The old system accumulated Pokemon well after they were gone, while the new one updates every 15 seconds. Now, if you move far away from your current position, the Pokemon that are too far will also disappear from the Sightings screen.

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The Sightings window doesn’t entirely bring back all the features of the 3-step tracker, but it does a better job of letting players know which Pokemon are closest than the last update.

Pokemon GO sightings
Pokemon GO / Niantic Labs

Another welcome update, is the return of Battery Saver mode, which was taken out of the game due to various issues, like the game freezing after using the feature.

What do you think of the new Pokemon GO sightings window? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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